6000W S&A water chiller/Max Laser Source

Recently, our technical team completed an important mission — flying to an Indonesian factory to upgrade their equipment according to the client's requirements. The main goal of this mission was to upgrade the existing 2000W fiber laser cutting machine to 6000W, equipped with a series of advanced components to ensure the client achieves higher efficiency and reliability in their production process.

Mission Background

The client’s needs were clear: they required a higher-powered laser cutting machine to enhance production efficiency and precision. Therefore, we decided to upgrade the existing 2000W equipment to 6000W comprehensively. To achieve this, we selected the most advanced components and technologies available on the market, ensuring the upgraded equipment would meet the client’s expectations.

Upgrade Configuration

To accomplish this goal, we configured the following key components:

  • MAX 6KW Laser Source: Known for its high power and stability, this laser maintains excellent performance during extended operation.
  • S&A 6KW Water Chiller: Provides a stable cooling system to ensure the laser operates at the optimal temperature even under high power.
  • 100KVA Intelligent Multifunctional High-Precision Three-Phase AC Voltage Stabilizer: This stabilizer ensures stable power supply, protecting the equipment from voltage fluctuations.
  • Raytools BM06K 6KW Cutting Head: This cutting head offers high precision and efficiency, capable of precise cutting on various materials.

On-Site Transformation

Upon arrival at the Indonesian factory, our technical team immediately began the equipment upgrade work. The entire process included dismantling the old equipment, installing and commissioning new components, and thoroughly testing the system. We meticulously adjusted every detail to ensure all components worked in perfect harmony.

After several days of effort, the upgrade was successfully completed. The client was very satisfied with the new equipment configuration and the results of the transformation. Not only did we achieve the expected power increase, but we also significantly improved cutting efficiency and processing quality.


We are pleased to share some highlights from the site:

  • Group Photo with the Client: The client expressed high appreciation for our work and took a group photo with our technical team.
  • Factory Photos: The factory after the upgrade, clean and orderly, with smoothly running equipment.


The equipment upgrade and transformation mission at the Indonesian factory not only demonstrated our technical team’s professional capabilities but also reinforced our commitment to providing high-quality technical support and service. We will continue to strive, helping more clients enhance their production capabilities and achieve business growth.

We thank all our clients for their support and look forward to more opportunities for collaboration in the future.

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