Unlocking Precision and Efficiency: The Future of Welding with Cutting-Edge Handheld Equipment and Accessories

Handheld Welding Equipment and Accessories:

1. Laser Handheld Welding Machine(For Laser Cutting/Welding)
The handheld welding machine is an efficient and convenient welding device suitable for welding various materials. Its lightweight design allows for flexible operation in tight spaces, making it widely used in automotive repair, metal fabrication, construction, and other fields. The handheld welding machine features high precision and stability, ensuring consistent and aesthetically pleasing welding quality.

2. Laser Cleaning Machine(For Laser Rust Remover)
The cleaner machine is designed for cleaning workpieces before and after welding. It effectively removes oxides, oil stains, and other impurities generated during welding, ensuring a clean welding surface and improving welding results and product quality. The cleaning machine is easy to operate and has a fast cleaning speed, making it an essential auxiliary equipment in the welding process.

3.Cleaning Head(CQWY SUP22C)
The cleaning head is an integral part of the cleaning machine, specifically designed to target and clean the workpiece surfaces efficiently. Our cleaning heads are made from durable materials, ensuring effective removal of contaminants and extending the lifespan of the cleaning machine. They are designed for precision and thoroughness, ensuring all impurities are removed, thus enhancing the quality of subsequent welding.

4. Handheld Welding Head (CQWY SUP21T/23T)
The handheld welding head is a crucial component of the welding machine, directly affecting welding efficiency and results. Our handheld welding heads are made from high-quality materials, offering excellent conductivity and durability, capable of handling long-term and high-intensity welding tasks.

5. Focusing Collimation Protective Lens(Conventional model:18x2mm/20x2mm/20x3mm/20x4mm/30x5mm)

The focusing collimation protective lens is used to protect the focusing and collimation lenses in laser welding equipment from damage caused by fumes and spatter during welding. Our protective lenses are made from materials with high transmittance and heat resistance, ensuring the stability and efficiency of laser transmission while extending the equipment's lifespan.

6. Focusing Collimation Lens
The focusing collimation lens plays a vital role in laser welding, accurately focusing the laser beam onto the welding point, enhancing welding precision and efficiency. Our lenses are made using advanced optical materials and processes, featuring high transmittance and low loss.

Conventional model Collimating lens :D16T5F60/D20T5F60

Conventional model Focusing lens:


7. Reflective Lens
Reflective lenses are used for adjusting and guiding the laser beam path, ensuring effective laser energy transmission to the welding point. Our reflective lenses have high reflectivity and heat resistance, capable of stable long-term operation.

Conventional model:M30*14T2/M20*15.2T1.6/M15.2*15.2T1.6(In addition to lenses, These models also with lens holder.)

8. Handheld Welding Nozzle
The handheld welding nozzle is an important accessory for the welding head, affecting welding precision and quality. Our welding nozzles are made from heat-resistant materials with a sophisticated design, ensuring even gas flow and distribution during welding, contributing to the formation of good weld joints.

9. Lasers and Optical Fiber Cables
Lasers are the core components of handheld welding equipment, determining welding efficiency and effectiveness. We offer lasers with various power levels and wavelengths to meet different welding needs. Optical fiber cables are used to transmit laser beams, made from high-quality fiber materials, providing excellent transmission performance and durability.

10. Laser Safety glasses
Protective goggles are essential for laser equipment operators to protect their eyes from laser radiation and welding sparks. Our protective goggles are designed with high optical density lenses that provide maximum protection while ensuring clear visibility. They are comfortable to wear and durable, offering reliable eye protection in high-intensity welding environments.

Product Advantages:
Efficient and Convenient: Handheld design allows flexible operation suitable for various welding scenarios.
Reliable Quality: Made from high-quality materials and advanced processes, ensuring the stability and durability of equipment and accessories.
Safety Assurance: Equipped with multiple protective devices and high-quality accessories to ensure operator safety.
High Precision: Precise optical components and stable lasers provide high-quality welding results.
Application Areas
Automotive Repair: Body repairs, exhaust system welding.
Metal Fabrication: Welding of stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and other metal materials.
Construction Engineering: Welding of steel structures, pipelines, etc.
Electronics Manufacturing: Welding of precision electronic components.

Our handheld welding equipment and accessories, with their superior performance and reliable quality, are indispensable assistants in welding tasks across various industries.

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