Raytools Auto Focusing Metal Laser Cutting Head BM110 BT210S BT220 BT240S BM111

Model:: BT200 3D
Sale price$654.00


Raytools Fiber Laser Cutting Head

Power Rating:1-20(KW)

Model:BT200 3D 、BT210S FC、BT210S TubeCut 、BT220、BT220 TubeCut、BT240S 、BT240S TubeCutBM110 、BM110TubeCut 、BM111 FC(HcFa) 、BM111 FC(Yaskawa/Analog) 、BM111 TubeCut(Yaskawa/Analog)、 BM06K、 BM06K TubeCut 、BS06K 、BS12K 、BS20K

Tips: The old BT240S-L 2000W and BT240S-H 3300W are now upgraded to the new BT240S 3000W Laser cutting head

Application: QBH Raycus IPG CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.


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