Startnow Portable Hand-held Fiber Laser Marking Machine 20W/30W/50W

Type:: Plug-in
Power:: 20W
Prezzo scontato$1,508.00


 Protable Hand-held Laser Marking Machine 

Power: 20W 30W 50W

Type: Plug-in(Power Supply)/Lithium Battery

1.The 50W lithium battery type net weight of the machine is 8.8kg (plug-in type net weight 8kg)
2.The machine adopts a built-in 8.0-inch touch screen, Linux operating system.
3.The laser can mark on all metals and most hard plastics. It can mark date, QR code, bar code, text, picture, and vector diagram, etc.
4.Hand-held laser head, convenient for marking on substrates of various shapes.
5.There are 20W, 30W, 50W different power options, according to the marking material and content.
6.Express transportation, convenient and Fast delivery.
7.Application support multiple scene, meet the needs industry custom and home DIY/store/business gifts/custom/activity drainage and guest teaching/product identification.

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