Startnow 6/8/10mm Nozzle Water Flow Sensor Switch Meter G1/2" Pressure Controller Automatic Circulation Pump Thread Connector

Model: A (without nozzle)
Prezzo scontato$10.00


Water Flow Sensor

TypeA:Brass (Nozzles: 6, 8,10mm)
TypeB:Plastic(Nozzles: 8,10mm )

Pipe Booster Pump Flow Switch Carries Out on-off Control Over Sensing Elements through a Water Flow Type Magnetic Control Device, Thus Achieving the Effects of Starting and Shutting Down Water Pumps.

This water Flow Switch is to Protect the Laser Tube. When the Water Pump is not Working, the Water Sensor will Detective, and Shut Down the Laser Machine. So the Laser Tube will not be broken.

It can be used together with a Water Pump, instead of a Chiller.

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