Startnow S&A CW3000 Industry Water Chiller For CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Cooling 60W 80W Laser Tube

Model:: CW-3000TG 10mm Pagoda joint
Prix réduit$93.00


S&A Industry Chiller
Model:TG/DG, TK/DK
PS: T-220V, D-110V
For the CW-3000 series, the upgrading contents are as follows:
1、For TG,it's a 10mm barbed connector, with configuration code 7474
For TF,it's a 8mm speed connector, with configuration code 7305
2、The thermostat is upgraded from the original T-301 to T-302
3、Have cancelled the front panel traffic light display,the alarm prompt is displayed in the thermostat panel
4、The front panel is changed from the original black words to color words.
5、The machine is changed fromAG/AF to general TG/TF and AK to general TK,D seris have no changes.

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