Startnow OD4+ 10.6um CE Certified Laser Glasses CO2 Protective Eyewear Safety Glasses

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CO2 Laser Safety Goggles For Co2 Cutting Marking Machine Parts

Type: CO2 Series

Protection Grade: OD4+


Wavelength: 10.6um / 10600nm
Application: CO2 Laser Machine

Feature:CO2 laser protective eyepiece is a safety equipment specially designed to protect eyes from the radiation damage of CO2 laser. CO2 laser usually emits infrared light with a wavelength of 10.6 microns, which is very harmful to eyes and skin.

Pay attention to the following points when selecting CO2 laser protective eyepiece:
Wavelength adaptability: Ensure that the eyepiece can effectively filter the specific wavelength (10.6 microns) of CO2 laser.
Optical density (OD): Choose an eyepiece with appropriate optical density to ensure that it can effectively reduce the laser radiation intensity to a safe level. For CO2 laser, protection level of OD4+ or higher is usually required.
Light transmittance: The eyepiece should allow visible light to pass through while blocking harmful laser, so that users can clearly see the surrounding environment.
Comfort and adaptability: The eyepiece should be ergonomically designed, comfortable to wear and able to adapt to different face shapes.
Certification and standards: Choose eyepiece that meets international or national laser safety standards (such as CE, ANSI Z136 or EN 207).

  • Where CO2 laser is used to protect eyepiece:
    Industrial processes, such as cutting and welding.
    Medical surgery, such as laser cosmetology and surgery.
    Scientific research, especially laboratories involving high-energy lasers.
    When using CO2 laser equipment, be sure to wear appropriate protective eyepiece to ensure the safety of eyes.

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