Startnow Handheld Laser Welding Machine With Auto-Wire Feeder Water Chiller 1000W 1500W Metal Welder

Model:: Welding 1500W
Prix réduit$3,203.00


Laser Handheld Welding Machine

The standard configuration of this link includes:
Standard for Laser Welding Machine: CQWY laser welding head + Bwt laser + S&A chiller.
Standard for Laser Cleaning Machine: CQWY laser cleaning head SUP22C + Bwt laser + S&A chiller.
1.The cleaning machine does not include a wire feeder.
2.Optional: Lasers (Raycus/MAX), Chillers (S&A/Hanli). It is important to note that if you choose Raycus or MAX lasers and Hanli chillers, the price needs to be consulted with the online customer service personnel.
If you need cabinet shell style, you need to add 100$.

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