How to Choose and Maintain Universal Stable Laser Power Supplies and Laser Tubes?

 Laser Power Supply (CO2 Laser Power Supply) 

The laser power supply is a crucial component of laser systems, playing a pivotal role in laser technology applications. Its quality and performance directly impact the efficiency and stability of laser devices. Some key features to look for in laser power supplies include high ignition success rates, safety, unique sleep functions, and comprehensive protection mechanisms. Different laser power supplies are suitable for various types of lasers, and they significantly influence laser performance and lifespan.

For CO2 laser power supplies, replacement is recommended approximately every two years due to factors like capacitors, resistors, inductors, transistors, and heat sinks affecting their quality and performance. The materials, manufacturing processes, and quality of electrical components like capacitors and resistors directly influence laser power supply performance. Transistors are critical for determining laser output power and waveform shape, impacting laser efficiency and stability. Heat sinks are essential for ensuring laser power supply stability, with their manufacturing processes, heat dissipation effectiveness, and quality affecting laser performance and lifespan.

 CO2 Laser Power Supply

Startnow offers laser power supplies under its own brand as well as the Hongyuan(HY) brand, which are essentially the same. CO2 laser power supplies have a broad output power range of 40W to 180W, suitable for different laser tube power requirements based on customer needs.

Key Features of Laser Power Supplies:

Versatility: Compact size, lightweight, consistent installation ports for different power supplies, making them easy to install and replace, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Compatibility: Compatible with most CO2 lasers.

LCD Display: Some models (e.g., 100W and 150W) feature an LCD screen for digital current display, emission indication, output signal status, and water protection signal, making it easy to monitor and adjust current manually using an integrated potentiometer.

Power display screen

100W 120W 80W Power display screen

Safety Features: Laser power supplies have built-in open-circuit protection, significantly extending their lifespan.

Simple Power Control: They can be controlled using 0~5V analog signals or 5V PWM signals.

Compatibility with Cutting and Engraving Machines: Laser power supplies provide sufficient cutting power and fast speed for cutting applications and deliver excellent engraving and marking results with smooth surfaces.

Built-in Manual Emission Test: Facilitates on-site maintenance for customers.

Status Indicators: Equipped with status indicator lights for easy fault diagnosis.

Applications: Laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, leather cutting machines, clothing cutting machines, shoe pattern cutting machines, advertising engraving machines, leather engraving machines, glass engraving machines, laser bag making machines, laser hole punching machines, and more. 

CO2 Laser Power Supply Wiring Diagram:

Schematic diagram of CO2 laser power supply wiring


CO2 Laser Power Supply Universal Terminal Descriptions (from left to right):Ground,220V AC Power,220V AC Power,Manual Emission Test Button,High-Level Emission,Low-Level Emission,Water Protection,Ground,Control Input Signal,5V Voltage

 Connection port of CO2 power supply


Laser Tube (CO2 Laser Tube)

CO2 Laser Tube 40W 700mm

A sealed CO2 laser tube consists of several components, including a discharge tube, water cooling tube, gas storage sheath, return gas tube, discharge electrode, full reflective mirror, and output mirror, arranged from the inside out. The working principle involves high-voltage discharge exciting high-concentration CO2 gas to produce a 10.6μm wavelength laser.

Laser tube selection primarily depends on laser power. Common models available include 30W, 40W, 45W, 50W, 55W, 75W, 90W, and 100W, with variations in length and diameter. For instance, a 40W laser tube is typically 700mm long with a 50mm diameter, while a 100W tube is 1450mm long with an 80mm diameter. 

Laser tube quality is determined by laser power, beam quality, stability, and lifespan. Different materials and performance factors affect laser tube power and beam quality. Tubes with poor stability are prone to issues like gas leaks and spontaneous ruptures. Since laser tubes are consumables in laser processing equipment, their lifespan is a critical consideration for users. 

Proper maintenance is essential for laser tubes to ensure a longer lifespan. Ensure a stable operating environment with consistent power voltage, avoid working in environments with significant vibrations or moisture (as humidity can cause high-voltage arcing), maintain appropriate laser current levels, ensure an adequate and clean water supply (temperature between 5-25°C), and regularly replace the circulating water, preferably with deionized water. Periodically clean the focusing lenses to keep them free of debris. 

Laser tubes have a limited lifespan and need timely replacement once they reach their expiration. For Startnow laser tubes, customers can directly contact us for replacements within the warranty period.

Usage Guidelines:

  1. Operate under proper water cooling conditions.
  2. Use a reliable laser power supply.
  3. Ensure secure and insulated wiring.

 45W Glass water jacket laser Tube


Co2 laser engraving machine parts

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