Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Spare Parts
Mainly the main components of the optical fiber machine tool: Laser Source, Laser Cutting/Welding Head, Water Chiller, and the machine itself.

STARTNOW sells all the accessory products included in the whole machine tool. At the same time, the most commonly used consumables are the laser cutting welding head, which mainly includes: protective lens, focusing lens, nozzle, ceramic ring, QBQ connector, nozzle sensor, lock nut and so on.

At the same time, STARTNOW mainly produces laser protective lenses, laser cutting nozzles and laser cutting ceramic ring accessories with high quality and fast delivery time.

Laser cutting head is the laser output device of fiber laser cutting machine, which consists of nozzle, focusing lens and focusing tracking system. The laser cutting head will walk according to the cutting trajectory set by the system, but the height of the laser cutting head needs to be adjusted and controlled under different materials, thicknesses and cutting methods.

The main consumables of cutting head are also the main production accessories of STARTNOW: Laser Cutting Nozzle, Laser Cutting Ceramic Ring, Laser Protective Windows/Lens, Focusing & Collimating Lens.


Fiber laser cutting machine parts

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