Startnow Laser Sensor RF Cable Friendess Raytools Transformer Wire BT240

Model:: A-Friendess L160
Sale price$6.60


 Laser Sensor Cable

Type A-Friendess L160 :length 160mmfor Friendess fiber laser head

TypeA-Friendess L200:length 200mmfor Friendess fiber laser head

TypeA-Friendess L260:length 260mmfor Friendess fiber laser head
Type A-Joint L12.5 :length 12.5mm joint
Type A-Joint L25 :length 25mm joint with insulation

Type B-Raytools :Length: L150/L250mm ForRaytoolsfiber laser head

Type B-Joint:joint with insulation

Type C-Precitec :forPrecitecfiber laser head

Type D-Hans :forHansfiber laser head

Type E-HE :forHE fiber laser head

Type F-Mazak:forMazakfiber laser head

Apply for Friendess Raytools Precitec Hans HE Mazak NTC Optical Fiber Laser Welding Cutting Machine Head.

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