Startnow Laser Focusing Collimator Lens F200C Beam Expander HANS

Type: With Lens Barrel
Model: Original-F200C Beam Expander 03.50.5851
Sale price$878.00



Han's Laser Focusing Collimator With Lens Barrel(Original)

Han's Laser Focusing Collimator Lens (Non-Original)

1.With Lens Barrel(Original) Model:

Original F200C: Beam Expander 03.50.5851/Focusing 03.50.6772

Original 0037F200: Beam Expander 03.50.00035/Focusing 03.50.00037

Original:Focusing 03.50.5762/Focusing 03.50.5763

Original F75/150: Beam Expander 03.00.35974/Beam Expander 03.00.35975

Original F100: Beam Expander 03.50.01378 (replace 8951)

2.Lens (Non-Original) Model:

Dia.38.1 CL100 /Dia.38.1 FL150/Dia.38.1 FL200

Application: For HANS Fiber Laser Cutting Head Machine


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