Startnow F-theta Scan Lens 532nm Green Light Laser Marking Machine Galvo System M85 Thread Scan Field 70x70mm F100 Optical Scan Lens

Model:: 70×70 F100


Brand: startnow

F-theta Laser Scan Lens

Wavelength:532nm Green Light

Entrance Diameter:12mm

Scan Angle θmax:±28°

Mirror Distancesm1/m2:16/16mm

Specifications:  70x70 、110x110、150x150、175x175

Application: Green Light Telecentric Laser Field Lens for laser marking machine.
T-theta Lens are widely used in laser Marking,engraving,cutting addrilling with consistent spot radius over the entire scan area.
Thie series lens have a complete rang of products to meet the needs the needs of various procrssing applications.

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