Startnow 60PCS PT31 Plasma Nozzle Long Electrodes Torch Cutter PT-31 LG40 40A Consumables Kits

Model:: 60pcs (Nozzle and Electrode)


Brand: startnow

60PCS Plasma Consumables Kits

Model: PT-31 LG40 40A

Quantity: 1 lot includes 30pcs long electrodes + 30pcs long nozzle

PT-31 LG40 Plasma Cutting Machine: Nozzle, Electrode, Shield Cup, Swirl Ring, Deflector

  1. Nozzle: The nozzle is the outlet part where plasma gas is expelled during plasma cutting. It concentrates the plasma arc and directs the gas towards the workpiece. Regularly inspecting and replacing nozzles ensures cutting quality.

  2. Electrode: The electrode is a crucial component that generates the plasma arc, conducting electricity and maintaining arc stability. Periodically check the electrode for wear and replace it promptly to uphold cutting quality.

  3. Shield Cup: Positioned outside the nozzle, the shield cup protects the nozzle and electrode from external factors while guiding the plasma gas flow toward the workpiece.

  4. Swirl Ring: Placed between the nozzle and electrode, the swirl ring's special design creates a vortex around the nozzle, enhancing plasma arc stability and cutting efficiency.

  5. Deflector: Deflectors are typically used to adjust the shape and direction of the plasma arc, accommodating various cutting requirements. Changing the deflector type and position can achieve different cutting effects.

When using the PT-31 LG40 plasma cutting machine, ensure regular inspections of these key components for wear and replace them as needed to maintain equipment functionality and cutting quality. Additionally, refer to the equipment's user manual to correctly set cutting parameters, a crucial factor in ensuring cutting effectiveness.

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