Ruida RDC6445S CO2 Laser Controller CNC Laser Cutting Machine Control System RDC6445GT5

Model:: Ruida RDC6445G


CO2 Laser Controller
Brand: Ruida
Model: RDC6445S,RDC6445GT5
 Tips:If you only need a separate Panel, you can Buy the RDC6445S panel SKU.
Power Supply: DC24V 3A
Features of the upgraded 6445GT5/7:
1. The network port and USB interface are optional.
2. Support USB flash drive to upgrade motherboard program and panel program.
3. 5.0-inch /7.0-inch touch screen to choose from
(the default size is 5.0-inch,if you need 7.0-inch,please contact the customer service )
4. Completely offline file attribute modification, multi-functional control
5. Laser cutting, laser engraving, array and file repetitive processing functions
6. Time zone modification and encryption protection

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